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‘Thank God it’s Monday’ by Mark Greene

Examines the sacred-secular divide and has plenty of examples of ministering in the workplace. Become a key text in this field of workplace ministry.


‘Pocket Prayers for Work’ edited by Mark Greene

The Church of England has introduced a collection of workplace prayers, spanning prayerful contemplation of the "sadness and buzz" of business trips, power dressing and the sacking of employees.


‘Annointed for Business’ by Ed Silvoso

How Christians can use their influence in the marketplace to change the World


‘Christians in the Marketplace’ by Bill Hybels

Making your faith work in the secular world


‘Going public with your faith: Becoming a Spiritual influence at work’ by William Carr Peel & Walt Larimore

How to take evangelism out of the religious box and weave it into your life at work.


‘I love my work’ by Robin Scurlock and Steve Goss

Bible studies for workplace ministry groups or churches looking at workplace issues from biblical principles



‘Questions of Business Life’ by Richard Higginson

Exploring Workplace Issues from a Christian Perspective


The Spirit at Work Phenomenon by Sue Howard and David Welbourn

Seeks to draw together in one volume all the central aspects of workplace spirituality.


‘God@Work’ by Rich Marshall

God is at work in the workplace


‘Work…Prison or Place of Destiny?’ by David Oliver

How to practically apply the gospel in the workplace


‘Champions for God at Work’ by David Kellett

How to be a champion for God as we go about our daily work


‘A Faith that Works and BEING unmistakably Christian at Work

Seeing our faith work at work, especially with an onus on prayer


The abolition of the Laity: Vocation, Work and Ministry in Biblical Perspective by R. Paul Stevens

‘A magnificent climax to a lifetime of ministry spent advocating for and equipping the whole people of God for mission and ministry beyond Sunday.’ Dr Gordon Preece in Faith in Business quarterly


Corporate Ethical Accounting: (How) Can Companies Tell the Truth by Richard Evans

Grove Books E120 – introductory essay examining social accounting


A Christian Understanding of Daily Work

Grove Books P57 – explores the shape of God’s purposes for all human beings


God at Work Part I

Grove Books E94 – what is meant for God to work in Genesis 1 and what that means for us now


God at Work Part II

Grove Books E96 – Three essays tackling key questions in relation to work


Globalization and the Good

Edited collection of papers on this subject derived from events organized by the Capitalism Project at LICC


90,000 hours – Managing the World of Work by Rodney Green

Managing the World of Work through examining Creativity, Rest, Harmony and Perseverance


Globalization: Unravelling the New Capitalism

Grove Books E125 – Peter Heslam clear and succinct introduction to the subject


God is my CEO - Following God’s Principles in a Bottom-Line World by Larry Julian

This book examines the dilemmas we face, particularly the clash between God’s principles and business pressures


Good Business : Ethics at Work by the Quakers and Business Group

A series of advices and queries on 33 business topics, especially suitable for SME businesses


(From The Quakers Business Group, 58 Alexandra Grove, London, N12 8HG)

Leap Over A Wall by Eugene Peterson

Retells the story of David, but brings new life to them from the perspective of everyday faith and spirituality


Faith in Leadership – How leaders live out their faith in their work, and why it matters, by Robert Banks & Kimberley Powell (Ed.)

15 different contributor essays ordered under four parts tour the faith and leading landscape; most practically based


Witness and Work by Brian Allenby

The Great Commission in our workplaces


The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work by Darrell Cosden

“This is the most stimulating book on work that I’ve read in the last ten years.” Mark Greene, Workwise July 2006


Love Work Live Life! By David Oliver

“If you have not read anything by Oliver, this book is worth getting.” Paul Valler, Workwise September 2006


God is at Work by Ken Eldred

Explains the concept of ‘Kingdom Business’


The Busy Christian’s Guide to Busyness by Tim Chester

A distinctively Biblical take on the issue of busyness.


God at Work by Ken Costa

Exploring the relationship between the Christian faith and working life


Get a life by Paul Valler

Too tired and sapped of energy? Uuncovers the root causes and shows us how gaining a strong identity and clear purpose enables us to make winning choices.