Where does your faith have the most impact?

(or What is Reading at Work?)


Where does your faith have the most impact?  This was a question that caused us to form Reading at Work. Is the one hour a week that you spend teaching Sunday school or the three hours a week you help at the food bank the most significant part of your witness?


Whilst this is an important part of building the kingdom, for many people the unrealised part of their witness is the 37 hours a week they spend at work.  


At Reading at Work we started by asking ourselves the question, if Jesus is Lord of my life, surely he must be interested in what I do Monday to Friday 9-5.



So then we ask the question, how can I effectively live it out? We are committed to trying to fully realise this in our lives and to help others to realise this.  So whether you are in a job that allows you to freely talk about your faith or one where it is more difficult, we are here to help and support you.

We believe that the most important place to start is with prayer and as such some of us meet o the 2nd Monday of each month, we meet at lunchtime to pray for workplaces.  We also send out regular thoughts to help to inspire Christians to think spiritually about their work.

We have then followed this by organising speakers to come and speak and inspire people to serve the Lord in the workplace. We have been blessed with speakers such as the Bishops of Reading, Both Andrew Proud & Steven Cottrell, Jeremy Marshall of C.Hoare Private Bank, and John Weaver of the John Ray Initiative join us. We have also had the joy of having others who have been inspired by what they have heard, who have also been willing to step up and share with us.

We are sure that God has got more for us and have been blessed in the past to help run workplace Alpha courses and to be able talk with people about God and their workplace. We pray that we will continue to hear God’s calling for this and follow.