At Reading at Work, often our focus is on Christian Workplace Groups, but what if you are not in a position to attend a group, maybe you are the only Christian in a small company or you are a sole trader or maybe your work is field based and you could never get into the office where the group meets?


The answer could be to take it to church...


What do I mean by this? Well we know that we are to pray about all things and that we don't need to be following a particular structure, so why not get together with others in your church together who are in a similar situation and organise a time for you to meet and pray.


I doubt that there would be any church leaders who truly seek the kingdom who would not bless another opportunity for members of their church to come together in prayer (especially if they don't need to be involved) and give them somewhere to pray


This is one of the key things that we did with Reading at Work. We started 7 years ago one morning a month in a church meeting room at 7am, after a couple of years we moved to lunchtime in a Christian charities meeting room before moving to our current location in the upstairs room at Abbey Baptist Church in Reading.

We got people together who wanted to pray for their workplaces and we prayed. From this we saw budgets balanced where they wouldn't have, new clients coming when times were tough and numerous other blessings


It is correct to realise that in talking about prayer, although the most important, is only part of what a good Christian Workplace Group does.

So a church based work prayer group also has a wider remit than just prayer and so expect that your church leader will take an interest once the group meets regularly. The group may be asked to help the rest of the church to think about being a Christian at work or to leads the wider church in prayer for workplaces


So find someone to pray with, find a time when you can meet regularly and pray