What are Christian Workplace Groups? by Matt Aldridge


As the name suggests, Christian Workplace Groups (CWGs) are groups of Christians that meet within their workplaces to worship, pray and bless not only their colleagues but the wider organisation. CWGs are to be a positive impact in the workplace, supporting other believers and looking to bring the Good News of Jesus into an otherwise secular environment.


Many groups start as individuals that take a step of faith and search out other Christians within their workplaces for prayer, support and discussion. As the group grows and becomes more established they can look to request formal recognition by their employers as a diversity network through the organisations diversity and equality policies. Through formal recognition, the CWG can look be a shining light in the darkness.


Why do they matter?


In the same way Jesus equipped his disciples through the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel throughout the world, we believe he is calling us to see the workplace as a key mission field. CWG’s are an effective vehicle by which we can disciple the workplace. Many of us work with hundreds of co-workers who have little to no concept that Jesus loves and died for them. Will they hear this in the gym, supermarket or social gathering? God is transforming workplaces and lives through Christian Work Groups and his followers in the workplace. To understand why Christian Workplace Groups matter, we should ask ourselves:


Where is my frontline?

Is God interested in my 9-5 work life?

Where will my faith have the most impact?

Where do I have most personal contact with those outside Church?


If the answer to many of these questions is the workplace then why not start or join a CWG and become a workplace disciple.

If you want to start a CWG or help with your group, come to one of our networking events or contact Matt@readingatwork