“Spirituality is creeping into the office.. companies are turning inward in search of a soul as a way to foster creativity and motivate leaders.”


Where does our trust lie when we are at work? Our abilities? Our Boss? or the love of Jesus?

Are all your companies policies & business practices fair?

God has placed us in our companies to be an agent for his Kingdom

from ICF-online.org

God and Father of all humanity
What I bring to my job
More than anything else
Is the person I am
Perceived and created by You
Before ever I came to be.

Help me engage in my daily endeavours
Not simply as a task to be done
A process to be completed
A regulation to be satisfied
Or a deal to be made

But as a means through which
I express something of myself,
And embrace the humanity
Of all who I encounter in the task

Through work may I become more human
And never make others less
Through work may I learn and celebrate
All that it means to be made in Your image;
Whose creation I am
And whose purpose I am called to continue.

As God used Bezalel, Aholiab & the artisans to make the tabernacle (Ex 35&36), so he can use your talents for the kingdom